things to do when bored

12 Beautiful Things to do When Bored At Home

Hello guys, again welcome to the new blog hope all you are well and happy. Today we cover a few tops which are Creative things to do when bored, things to do at home, Best things to do when we are free.

Almost all countries are shut down due to COVID-19.

The Lockdown in place to slow down the process of transmission of the virus.

So that we are safe and protected in our houses due to Corona Virus.

Now due to this Lockdown colleges, schools are suspended.

Now all of us doing work from home online. Students also attending classes on the Zoom app.

Now we have some free time but can’t know what to do in your free time, you are getting bored.

Today I share some best and creative ideas to do at home when you bored. However, not everyone handle being inside.

All these things are fun and easy and will help will being creative even when you are bored at home.

12 Things To Do When We Bored

things to do when we  bored
to do things when we bored

1. Doodle

Doodling is a quite easy and obvious task.

But sometime we have no idea what to doodle. So Even doodling become an difficult task.

You just take a plain white piece of paper, and just start drawing random lines.

Just for practice and enjoying the process.

2. Lettering and Quote Art

It is just great for keeping to brush wet enough to just keep writing. But you can also use the normal as well as for creating quote art.

You can create amazing art by using painting tool like brush, colors etc. And you can’t get bored by doing this.

3. Take a Walk

When was the last time when you tied you shoes lays and went out for a long walk?

This is one thing our busy schedule has denied is doing. Well here is your chance.

Lace up and hit the road or track, taking chance to think things through and taking in sights.

Walking enhances our level of productivity and make us more confident.

4. Remove Unnecessary things from your Space

This can be fun especially if have not done so in a long time.

From seeing old pieces and pictures to finding items you thought were lost, this is one activity that has just positives.

When all is done, you have a neater better-arranged space and would have burned off a few calories.

When you start this activity keep the water bottle near you so you can’t feel thirsty and not get to disturb.

5. See Your Mailbox

Too many mails? That’s one byproduct of subscribing to a neck load of websites and blogs.

This free time you have a perfect for unsubscribing and deleting spam and old messages.

You might see an email you actually overlooked while doing this.

You never can tell what gem this activity might throw up.

Having a look on the box can pass your time. Your mobile got some free space and may run faster than before.

6. Learn New Skill which you Need

Having good skills recognized that you’re one of from successful People. 1st of all analyze your skills and find out which skill boosts your work more and grow faster.

As your work grows, you feel more confident. And you will try to fill in more skills.

Everything will be gone sot then before. This is one of the best tip, you can try when you feel bored to give push to work level.

7. Call an Old Friend

It’s great opportunity for you to catch up with all the gossips with your best buddy.

Call up a friend or cousin and talk your heart out. After hanging up, I bet, you say: time well spent.

8. Take a long Bath

Yeah, this would be a little bit funny. Pamper yourself take that long bath and follow it up with facial and skin routines that give you that glow which you always want.

Its time for yourself. to make yourself more attractive. Having a long bath make you make feel fresh.

9. Read a Book

You can catch on your reading list when you are not busy with work. This can be an unfinished book or a new one.

There are many readers and e-libraries that you can download from if you would rather read a softcopy or a paperback.

If you have an interest in storybooks or novels, it helps you to feel good when you read it. Reading is a very important and powerful skill.

10. Figure out the state of your Finance

This is a eat time to create your budget, track your spending and have a good knowledge of your current and future income.

It is also chance to know how to use up whatever money left till the next cash inflow.

Tracking is the best way to save your money and you feel good when you have done this task.

11. Cook Something

In article Things to do when bored you can include cooking also. If you are a boy, you can’t know about cooking, it is the best chance you ever got.

Simply open YouTube and search what you want to cook.

Never mind, this is the time to actually give it a try. Search for ingredients, put them all together, and cook.

12. Make a Bucket list

You don’t want to lead a life where you all do is wake up. Prepare for work return and then repeat.

You should set goals and write up things you would love to do and when having such an ordered list would make it easy for you to plan and get things done.


The beauty of these activities is that you can carry out more than one. We sincerely hope you hope found a few activities to try out when you feel boring.

I hope you get your answer things to do when bored something like questions.

things to do when bored
things to do when bored

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