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The Final Faith of Self Love Importance

SELF LOVE: People in today’s time are so fake that they are searching for love outside. Everyone is looking for love in another person and that love is mostly based upon beauty! Even those people who don’t love their self, they don’t like the way they are …are also searching for love outside !!!!

Quite shocking ! if you can’t love yourself the way you want to be loved then how you are going to expect that someone else is going to love you. You are enough to love yourself because if you love yourself the others are also going to love you, that is why the self-love is so important.

self love

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  • The love which you give to yourself, you accept the way you are, when you choose yourself when others refuse.
  • Self-love is unconditional love and respect that you have for yourself. Acceptance of your flaws is also a part of self-love because you choose to be who you are in real instead of being fake …
  • Staying away from negativity, toxic relationships and people is also a way of self-love because you choose your inner peace and happiness.
  • Saying no to the things which you don’t want to be in your life and doing your self-care is also a part of self-love because your mental health also matters ๐Ÿ™‚

“Self-love is a love in which you glow from inside, you are happy in the way you are “

self love
self love


  • Loving yourself is so important because the person who is going to accept your all flaws and going to love you unconditionally is only YOU!
  • People are so much unloving towards themselves and they are looking for love in the outside world.
  • No one is going to love you if you are not loving yourself.
  • We all say I love you to our close ones but how many of you daily stand in front of the mirror, look into your eyes and loudly says “I LOVE YOU! I ACCEPT THE WAY YOU ARE “
  • Here is a point where everyone lacks! You are saying I Love You to many people, but when it comes to yourself .. you refuse to do so or thinks that it’s just stupidity.
  • You are saying love you to many people but when it comes to you, you could not believe in yourself that you are worth loving.
  • Many people cry on a night when they are alone, that he didn’t love me she dumped me ๐Ÿ™ Who is wrong here ?? clearly! YOU! because you have given you love control remote in someone else hand ! and again you are looking for love outside, instead of loving yourself the way you want!
self love


  • Youngsters start comparing themselves with others … they always compare and end of the result they are unhappy with themselves.
  • Social media is a platform where we scroll various things and start comparing ourselves with others.
  • Everyone wants to look like a MODEL, whether it’s a boy or girl…
  • This is not just the end, because many people are not happy with the skin tone they have and their body structure, they want to look fit, slim with a good skin tone because they are consuming someone’s else lifestyle.
  • That is the main reason why today’s generations need to learn about self-love.
  • They need to understand that everyone is different with their own unique features so love the way you are.
  • Feel proud about the complexion you have whether it’s brown, black, fair or white! carry it the way it is and roc the world !!

“You are beautiful soul”

Self Love
self love


  • People hunt for outer beauty no one goes for inner beauty.
  • Everyone is attracted towards a person who is good looking no matter how cheap his/her thinking is, people are still going to attract towards that person.
  • I personally experienced this when I was in schoolboys was attracted towards the good looking girls with their zero IQ level! and it sounds funny how you choose to be with a person who is dumb but looks good!
  • Never settle for outer beauty only!..go for a kind heart, a blissful soul with a good mindset.
  • Outer beauty fades with time but inner beauty stays forever <3
  • Don’t hesitate to show your flaws, wear it confidently and rock the world this whole stage is yours, my friend!
self love


  1. Be the real you:- stay the real you ! as you are and act like that only. Never come up with a personality which others want you to be.
  2. Accept yourself:- proudly accept yourself, never feel low or blame yourself that why are you like this? instead of this appreciate the way you are grateful for yourself and say I LOVE YOU to yourself because you are worth loving.
  3. Keep a check on your diet:- feed your body with healthy food because health is wealth.
  4. Bring your body into play:- get up! play your favourite music and just move your body dance like there is no tomorrow.
  5. Exercise:- give yourself 30-45 minutes and do exercise to give your body fit and healthy.
  6. POSITIVE! POSITIVE! POSITIVE!:- surround yourself with positivity. Every morning start each day by telling something very positive to yourself which makes you smile. You can simply say how lovely you are, you are the beautiful soul.
  7. Live for Yourself:- Take charge of yourself and do whatever that makes you happy …live for yourself ๐Ÿ™‚
  8. Proud of Yourself:- Be proud of who you are instead of being ashamed how someone else sees you because people are always going to judge you whether you do wrong or right.
self love

Owning our story and loving ourselves through that process is the bravest thing that we’ll ever do.


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