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Positive Attitude Towards Life: A Simple (But Complete) Guide


Do you know the real power of a positive attitude? As we are surrounded by a negative environment especially in the COVID-19 period. So it is difficult to stay optimism nowadays.But do not worry, today I am here with special secrets which help you to attain a positive attitude towards life for a long time. Only you should read the blog very carefully and with understanding. 

A attitude is important for fulfilling our dreams and to gain a positive life. When we watch any kind of motivational video of our brain sends a optimism signal to a body but that motivation doesn’t stay for a long time. 

It disappears after two or three days and again we feel demotivated. Although if you develop a positive attitude in you, you don’t need to watch any motivation videos because you become the motivation of yourself

Fact- Your attitude decides what you become in life. 

Positive and Negative thoughts 

Can you observed your thoughts? 

Spend 10-15 minutes with your thoughts in Silent place. The best way to understand your thoughts is to ask questions about your thoughts if you are struggling with thought.

Just suppose if a negative thought comes at a time related to your past or future just put a question is this thought important for me? 

You automatically get your answer. If that thought is important you have to think about it and if not simply put this in the dustbin. 

It is very important to develop a positive attitude towards life. what are thoughts coming into our mind the whole day? Just put questions on your thoughts and answer them honestly.

Is it true that your attitude decides what you do in life? As we know we don’t have control over thoughts just like a switch. But it is possible which type of thoughts we want and it comes with exercise and meditation.

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And I provide five ways to handle your thoughts which help you to control your thoughts very easily. 

1. Aware of your thoughts.

2. Stay busy. 

3. Stay away from negative people.

4. Give your body and mind some rest.

5. Without lyrics music. 

These five ways to help you to handle your negative thoughts.


Now we talk about how we replace the negative thought to optimism to attain a positive attitude towards life

  • Feed a Positive thoughts in You.

Negative thoughts may come from your memories of thinking about negativity or any type of task which makes you negative or what type of serial you watch. Avoid those things which make you more negative. 

Do things which make you productive and optimism. Our thoughts come from which type of feed you are giving to it. 

  • Serve a Positive thoughts. 

This is amazing and you feel good to read it. Feed the plant today in your mind and daily watering is your duty. So keep in mind you can give water to the plant so that it grows.

Similarly, in the case of positivity, you can give daily affirmation or do that work which makes you positive. daily growth which helps you attain optimism thoughts attitude. Your mind becomes stronger as compared to before. 

  • Daily meditation.

One of the effective and easy ways to replace negative thought in your mind is meditation. The best part of it you can do it everywhere only you need this silence environment.

If you are outside just take a deep breath 5 or 7 times you feel good. Meditation has a lot of advantages(pros) and does not have any cons. All you need to do is just relax your body and your mind. 

You feel more cool about yourself and you attract positivity around you. 


Positive Attitude For a Reason

Attitude for a reason is good for us because we need the reason to do any work.

For example, if you are drinking water for a reason that your body feels trustee or your body needs it for survival. just like this, we must have a reason to do anything because this reason motivates us to accomplish that work. 

Your attitude should depend upon action not on results because your action decides your result and that is not in your hand only the thing is an action or by doing hard work you can attain that result.

If you cannot take action among work then how work is completed. A positive attitude must be based on an action note on the result because if your attitude is based upon as a result your expectation is so high among that work and when you fail to do that work you can feel very sad and guilty about it.

And our fear of gain student work is also increased due to higher expectations and as we know we don’t do that work with focus.

However, if your action is 100% and the expectation level is zero so it is clear that you do that work with more concentration.

That’s why our positive attitude and positive thoughts should all be based upon our actions. Why should we observe our strength and make a decision based upon action and among that attitude is good? 

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The Benefits of a Positive Attitude 

1. Attitude towards life change our negative mindset 

2. It does not need a lot of hard work 

3. It is achieved by daily practice 

4. Positive attitude means cool life 

5. It increases the chance of perfection or success in any work. 

6. You take good decisions 

7. Your decision making power increases 

8. You see the difference between positive and negative people 

9. It change your viewpoint of any problem 

10. Most important is to make you happy 

From the above 10 points, you can understand the importance of a positive attitude. Now the main question arises in our mind is what can we do for a glorious attitude or how to change a negative attitude to a positive. 

viewpoint is everything

Procedure For Positive Attitude

1. Try positivity everywhere 

I know it is really difficult to be positive everywhere. Neglect your negative thoughts at that time and replace them with some positive things.

Always stay positive so you find a solution to the problem which you are facing.

Positivity can attend by walking, dancing, or any task which makes you positive.

2. Affirmations 

Generally, a positive frame of mind depends upon what you say to your mind the whole day.

Almost every time we talk to our minds with a negative tone which causes problems and negative attitudes.

Reduce negative talking to positive, believe me it is very effective. By saying positive affirmation you feel more productive.

Besides, try to save permission in the morning when you wake up and night when you go for sleep. 

3. Attitude of learning 

Nobody is perfect on this planet. All are trying to be perfect but it is not possible because we can’t become perfect in every field.

And by making your attitude of learning can take one step ahead.

Learning is the process of understanding, acquiring new skills, knowledge, values, attitude, etc. 

I am not saying that you always keep a book in your hand, we do not want to become a bookworm. Only YouTube is your attitude to learning and learning can be gaining knowledge or by solving practical problems. 

Thus when we learn something you become very happy, and our attitude towards that work is also positive. 

4. Show gratitude 

You should be grateful for what you have now. And say thanks to your parents, friends and who helps you a lot.

Gratitude makes our attitude positive and that feeling is very cool. Learn three magic words which increase your attitude level and we cannot regret any time by using three words. 

1. Thank you 

2. Sorry 

3. Please 

  • Believe me, it changes your life and you feel better about yourself. When somebody helps you say thank you you don’t be shy about this. 
  • And when you make any mistake you must be sorry about it and express your sorry so that you can not regret it in the future. 
  • Learn to say please because when we say please people are more likely to respect you in return. 

5. Happiness in you 

Don’t try to find happiness around you. Almost 80% of people find their happiness in others. The state doesn’t know the real and satisfying happiness is in you. Make yourself happy and keep improving yourself to get a better version of yourself. 

Keep challenging yourself to get out of your comfort zone. a comfort zone causes laziness so enjoy your life of journey with happiness and make your attitude positive towards life. Forgiving and helping others also make your mind stress free. 

So that you feel happy and it makes your day great. 

6. Meditation exercise and yoga

It makes our mind more powerful and fully fresh. 

Meditation, yoga and exercise are effective ways to attain a positive viewpoint. It is a very simple way to sudden push and growth. After 3-4 days you feel the change in yourself and you would be happy.

Make sure to maintain consistency. Make daily habits of doing meditation and exercise are effective ways to attain a positive viewpoint. It is a very simple way to sudden push and growth.

After 3-4 days you feel the change in yourself and you would be happy. Make sure to maintain consistency.

Make daily habits of doing meditation and exercise. Meditation makes your mind stronger.

Exercise helps you attain the shape of the body. You can watch videos on how to do meditation at home and also for exercise on Youtube.

Meditation helps you to remove distractions from the world. By doing meditation you have more control over self-control, mind control and it can also reduce blood pressure, anxiety, and depression.

To get full benefits of meditation you have to practice daily and automatically your positive attitude towards life increases.

Final Words

Ultimately we learnt that positive attitude must be based upon action not on result. Hence don’t worry about outcome, just give your 100% to task which matter more for you.

Generally, it doesn’t the game of 1 week or 2 weeks, you just practice more for it. In the Journey, you have to give lots of sacrifices to achieve a positive attitude.

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