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How to Get Rid of Negative Thinking Patterns?

Yeah, Now our topic is how to change negative thinking patterns but first of all, we need to know about what is negative thinking and how it affects us then we move to the solution or tips to change our thinking. So Hi guys this is Deepak and let’s get start it.

In the beginning, you need t self-disciplined towards yourself to change negative thinking. For this, I already made an article if you can’t read that you can read by clicking just below to the link.

Let’s Know About Negative Thinking Patterns

So what is negative thinking basically it’s totally the way of thinking? I know it is difficult to change negative thinking thoughts, which we have fixed in our mind. So we need to change them.

At first, we have to understand the concept of negative thinking pattern and how it affects us and how we control it? So it is easy to say but it is difficult to do. Already know that any new habit will take at least 21 days to build up.

Ok, now, for example, we have a habit of always thinking negative in any situation even in a positive environment. We have to say that you are overthinking person. You always overthink at every moment. By the way, I suddenly remember you read an article on the Overthinking or not? if no, you must read that it helps you a lot.

We see the world through your psychological or mental attitude how we see the world in which way? If negative it can affect everything, including family, friends, jobs and more.

Negative thinking put anxiety in social and performance circumstance. The way to change your negative thoughts is to see how you think now and afterwards, use techniques to change or make them have less impact.

change "negative" to "positive".
change “negative” to “positive”.

Effects of Negative Thinking Patterns

Now there are main four effects negative thinking patterns or negative thoughts whatever you say they are

1. Fear of Time (Future)

It is basically we worrying about future thoughts and how to reach them. And we feel depressed today for tomorrow.

It is usually not fair. So we have just understood it and move forward like water. We need to change something in our thinking that we discuss it later. Let’s begin to the second point.

2. Worry about the Present

Meanwhile, we already know that now the fear of future effect us. In present we are frustrated by the negative thoughts. That’s not good for our health. It may cause fever and headache or any other health issue due to depression or overthinking. So its better to about it.

3. Past Humiliation

A lot of anxiety is from our past. We can’t forget your past or any event happens in past and you feel humiliation about that. So It is not easy to erase them from your mind.

4. Wastage of your Time and Energy

Now talking about time, by the negative thoughts or thoughts repeating in your mind simply wastes of your time but you can’t aware or concerned about it.

Also the energy you have that also gone wasted then you feel very bad. So we saw that what is negative thinking and how it affects us.

“When we are no longer able to change a situation, we are challenged to change ourselves.”

Viktor E Frankl
change negative to positive mindset
change negative to positive mindset

Solution for Negative Thinking Patterns

1. Sensible of Negative Thoughts

The 1st step to change negative thinking pattern, sometime we can’t know what’s happening in our mind. So we should be aware about it. To get sensible of your considerations and responses as they happen is the one of the best approved.

2. Grasp Your way of thinking

One of the great way to change your negative thinking patterns is grasping the way to think right now. Understand slowly about it and take action toward it.

3. Exchange the Negative thoughts

Talked about it lots of time in our articles it is simple as we see. Clearly when any thought occurs in present replace it with any good thoughts whichever you love in the past memories.

Basically we don’t defeat negative patterns but we can exchange them. Recognize slowly and exchange with others.

4. Take a Deep Breath

when you take a deep breath in, your heart rates quicks slightly. As you exhale, your heart rate slows. And your mind feels refreshed and aware of what’s happening. You will feel more confident and replace your negative thoughts. So inhale a deep breath.

5. Build New Habits

Building new habits means building a new thought process. Then you have the opportunity to replace negative patterns. You feel happier than before. Follow that habits that make you more productive and you make consistency in that.

6. Focus on Gratitude

Gratitude is also important to a glad and happy life. Life doesn’t get simpler. You know we become stronger when we reframe challenges by the entirely of the little good things going around us.

7. Keep a good list and refer to it daily

Additionally, centre around what you truly need and be clear. Focused and positive minds attract what is looking for overtime. Make a dairy and note all things what you love and what you avoid.

change negative thinking patterns
change negative thinking patterns

Negative Thinking Patterns | Process of Thinking

When we think just normally at a moment if our thought or any event starts from negative then the chain formed and that would of negative thoughts.

If you start think positive then chain form positive thoughts. And your confidence level boost up and you feel happier. Get Ready for upcoming opportunities.

So basically negative thinking patterns are the chain of thoughts if you can’t stop it will affect us more day by day. So try to think positive and keep your mindset positive and do those things which makes you more positive and happier.

And one tip is more if negative thoughts come then listen music and podcasts which you love or read novels. That would help you lot.

Some Positive Affirmations

You try to change negative thinking patterns.

  • Each day my thoughts become more and more positive.
  • Others look up to me because of my positive attitude.
  • I believe in myself.
  • I am always thinking positive.
  • Life is getting better all time.

Negatives Permanent Beliefs

If you take a step back, try to look at your life, you will see that there are patterns that happen, aren’t there? and these patterns keep repeating themselves over and over again. The patterns have n’t changed because we haven’t changed and neither have our beliefs.

The job of the subconscious is to keep you safe. Beliefs that we have come from our subconscious mind, and they are formulated from the age of zero to six.

Parents have taught you beliefs because their parents have taught them, and so and so forth. Some are good but some of these beliefs that you have today have handed down from generation to generation and it’s just what you think is normal.

Everything you believe is in your body. We know this with body language.

Remove Negative thinking patterns from your mind
Remove Negative thinking patterns from your mind

Negative Thinking | Conclusion

Finally, we conclude that negative thinking patterns are not permanent and it will change according to time. So it will be changed by doing practice on the basis of mind. Hope you like this article, if you like it please share it as you can. And if you have any doubt, feel free to comment below in comment box.

Sandeep Maheshwari On Negative Thoughts


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