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Is Time Management a Skill: Ten Powerful Reasons Why?

Congrats, you are here to learn one the Most Important Skill. I know you are eager to learn about that skill. First of all, I explain which topics we covered in this article.

  • Is Time Management a Skill?
  • Tips for Managing your Time.
  • What actually Time Management is?
  • Things to Avoid.

Let’s discuss one by one:

Time Management Skill
Is Time Management a Skill?

Is Time Management a Skill?

Time is the most variable thing that we may ever come across. It takes more than an ordinary man to understand the importance of managing time.

One who has lost something or someone because of time knows how to value it.


Tips for Managing your Time

Before managing your time you should aware about Self Discipline if you don’t have an idea of it you can visit given link


  • Evaluate your day.
  • Plan, Prioritize and Follow.
  • Have a Home for everything.
  • Learn to say No.

Is Time Management Important Skill?

Many of you, just have a doubt why time management Important?

According to Abraham Lincoln

Time Management is the best skill ever as they said we can get more money but not get extra time. One of the famous quote by him:

“Give me six hours to Chop down a tree and I will spend the first four Sharpening the Axe.”

Abraham Lincoln

As you read what a powerful quote it is! By their view he was doing Smart Work. And Manage the time now to achieve goal.

Pro Tip- If you learn both skill now body stops you to move Forward.

What is Time Management?

Basically, time management means planning your work according to time and doing a smart work.

Wanna Successful, you have to learn briefly about this topic. So that we are discussing ahead Now-

Quote on Time
Is Time Management a Skill?

Going to Depth

Let’s discuss from the nil, all we need to manage time either you’re student or employee.

All we have the idea of time management but can’t know how to follow it.

Almost all we here to do something in our life but that person will achieve, who knows the value of time.

Pro Tip- If you can’t give value to time, time will not give you value.

If you want to achieve something great in your life you must learn this skill. I know this is a little bit difficult to start but not impossible. You need to take small steps to reach the next point.

Successful people also started from point A to reach point B. It will take time, as according to time you learn the value of time and managing your time.

Pro Tip- You’re on Rock, Keep Reading.

Time Management basically is managing your time according to your plan. However, you have to make some time table or have an idea about time example you are doing a study if you can’t know how much time will suffice for studying.

Firstly we have to come on straight line where road way goes only ahead it seem like straight but it doesn’t.

We face some difficulties to managing your time and sometime our mind doesn’t want to do things according to planning.

But if you know the power of management of time in future you’re on next level.

Best quote on managing time
Time Management Skill quote by Jim Rohn

Thing to Avoid

1. Not Doing work according to Planning

Here many people will get demotivated. They can’t do their work according to planning because they think I can’t get out of my comfort.

As time passed, they lose the opportunity, at that time they will feel regression. When the time doesn’t run according to them.

2. Not Making any to do List

Some of us, think that time table is not useful or they can’t create any plan. They react and look like oversmarting and they think they know all of information and they can’t do any mistake.

3. Don’t know Power of Morning

The morning routine has another level of energy. Only a few people can understand this point. Only they the power of waking up early and doing their work.

4. Not Believing in yourself

Believing has the important role in our life. If we can’t have faith on us we can’t succeed in further life.

If you have faith in you, it is impossible to beat you. Believe is like a boat in the pond if you can’t control it, you will get lose in the pond and doesn’t know where to go now.

Pro Tip- You’re killing it, keep Reading.

5. Distractions

One of the crucial factor in time management which you should avoid. Distractions are very bad disturbance when we are doing our work.

It is like notification, call of your relative or such things which are time wasters.

Time Management Quote By Mother Teresa
Time Management Quote By Mother Teresa

Control on time Management

For answering Is time management a skill you have to read the next line: You know? If you started planning daily, you become automatically smart because you know the value of time and your work how important for you it is.

As you growing and feeling good we become more productive.

Pro Tip- You know? All things like productiveness, self-awareness, willpower and many other factors are together connected with each other. One you need to explore only one. Sounds Good Ya!

So let’s begin what possible for us to Managing time-

Points on Time Management

1. Set the Objective of your life

Ya, it’s true first of all we need to clear about the mission of our life. If we can’t have a mission your life is like a boat in the water without any control, it can go here and there without having any purpose.

Firstly if we can’t have any aim in our life, for what we manage our time. So set your goal and follow second step.

Key Points

  • Figure out your goal.
  • Plan on the paper.
  • Make Mind Maps or short points for days.
  • Make deadlines or set the limit to any work.
  • Organize your plan.
  • Take action on your plan.
  • Make consistency toward your work so that you become better day by day.

2. Finish Your Important Work Earlier

As we know, we have many work in a day and also have important ones. So we confuse which work I finish First? In my views we have to finish important work first because if we finish that work we can’t left any tension many more.

That’s make our day more productive. So when you wake up in morning finish your important work first.

3. Use 6P Formula

A 6P Formula stands for Proper Prior Planning Prevents Poor Performance

Proper Planning I means for you can make 4 types of list

  • Yearly planning
  • Monthly Planning
  • Weekly Planning
  • Daily Planning

If you making daily to do list so plan before the day I means in night Yes! As similarly in case of weekly and monthly.

Simply set goals which you want to achieve in month and years and make a list of those goals. It helps to get a better result and to build consistency in your work.

4. Simple Priority Technique

Once your list is ready then Use ABCDE technique for setting priority. This technique helps you to finish you work more fast and save your time.

This technique is like- when your to-do list is ready you can give tag A to that which is more important than B tag to that which is less important as compare to A. Similarly for C and D, you can skip work E tag because it is not so important.

This technique I personally apply for my blogging and other social work.

Time Management Quote by Nelson Mandela
Is Time Management a Skill?

Final Words For Is Time Management a skill?

“Speaking of the article, I should say that time management is a life-changing skill. So we covered all topics especially Is Time Management a Skill.

I hope you read all the important points and easily understand the power of time management skill. One app. which help you manage your time is “SMARTER TIME”.

Tell me below comment which one point is your favourite in article and don’t forget to share with your friend.

FAQ on Is Time Management a Skill

Why Time Management is Important?

Time Management as we know it is powerful skill. It helps to finish our tasks early and save our time.

How to manage study with online classes?

As I mentioned above the article you can create to do list for your day. It totally depends upon you how to work according to your time table. Talking in the way if your online classes are running then you can do that work on Sunday. If your work is important than make do list for your study.

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