human and dog relationship

The Best Bond Ever: Human and Dog Relationships

Human and Dog Relationships: Dogs are said to be mans best friend. Our bond with our dog is much more loving and caring. They are the most loyal creatures on this planet.

Even many dog owners spend most of the day with their dogs because they knew that their company is much better than people.

Having a dog as a pet is your joy but also a responsibility … they should also be taken care of properly with their needs and requirements.

Human and Dog Relationships
Human and Dog Relationships

The Special Bond between Human and Dog Relationships

  • Dogs and humans share a special bond.
  • They understand all your emotions whether you are happy, sad or sick.
  • They are always there to protect you no matter what the situation is.
  • Dogs are always there to comfort you when there is no one else, their cuddles make you feel better.
  • Various studies show that most of the people love and enjoy the company of their dog, according to them when they have a dog they are not in a need of any human.
  • What’s the main good thing about dogs??? they are LOYAL and NON – JUDGEMENTAL …they are always going to be loyal with you and will never judge you! You can walk around them without taking a shower for a week and they will still hug you instead of running away.
  • That is a reason why people talk to their dogs ..they share everything with their dogs…
Human and Dog Relationships
Human and Dog Relationships

Humans and Dogs|What Dogs want from us?

  • Dogs also have expectations wit their owners .. All they want is their owner’s, unconditional love.
  • You should also take care of their needs.
  • Spend time with them .. play with them .. take them out for a walk…
  • Take proper care of their hygiene.
  • Most important set them free.. when the dog is inside your house please don’t keep the dog tied up all the time remove their collar chains and set them free to move inside your house…
  • Feed your dog with proper diet.
  • Get regular vaccinations.
  • Provide them things according to the seasonal changes .. for example, if there is summer season and it’s too hot outside on these days let your dogs sleep with you inside your room in the air conditioner. After all, they also need some quality time .. 😛
Human and Dog Relationships
Human and Dog Relationships

Regardless of how it all started, the human-canine bond has blossomed and strengthened over time and will likely continue to grow.

Human and Dog Relationships

  1. Always greet you when you come back home:- dogs will always greet you with a sweet gesture whenever you come back home. They will run towards and greet you by doing cuddling or by moving their tail or even by jumping over you!
  2. Make you feel better:- they know when you need them and they also know when you feel sad! they always do cute stuff to make you smile 🙂 You can share your feelings with them they will continuously stare at you and just tilt their head .. they will listen to all your stuff and make you feel relaxed.
  3. They love to take care of you:- dogs just love to take care ! they always watch you check whether you are fine or not they make you feel safe.
  4. Loyal and loves us unconditionally:- dogs are more loyal than humans. They are always going to be with you and will love you unconditionally. When you love your dog they will love you more in return. They never check your personality or financial status as humans do to love you! They just see the way how you treat them and it’s clear if you love them they will love you more.
  5. You will never feel leftover or alone when you have a cute bud:- when you have no one… you have your best bud {dog} with you. They will company you and you are going to enjoy their company when you dance he will dance with you when you run he will run with you and when you want someone to listen to you he will listen to you. He is your best bud with whom you can spend the whole of your life without being disappointed.
  6. Emotional supporters ad stress busters:- dogs are emotional supporters they always do cute stuff around you to make you smile. Dogs are blessed with a cute face and when you see them all you do is SMILE and all your worries and stress will run away because you got the best bud! When you play and spend time with them you will forget all your worries and will be happy. They are our mood buster or we can say that happy mood buster because they always enlighten up our day and makes us happy.
Human and Dog Relationships
Human and Dog Relationships

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