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How to Learn Fast and Remember for a Long time?


Hello friends, welcome to the new article and the most interesting topic which helps to boost your learning skills. And Moreover in future, it will help you to crack any entrance exam or board exam easily with good marks because everyone wants good marks. So today we covering given below topics:

  • How to learn fast and remember for a long time?
  • Reasons why we need it.
  • Importance of learning fast
  • Some Scientifically trick to learn fast.

First of all you all have a doubt for what we learn fast. ok, I means for learn fast example- If we have any school exams, college exam or entrace exam it will help you a lot. or In the case of life mistakes, how we learn from them all we discuss in this blog.

I believe if there is something to learn fast the points is reading, researching, understanding, learning and making it to long term memory.

Firstly I tell something about short term and long term memory. So, basically short term memory is the memory which is not for a long time and it is in our subconscious mind which we can’t aware of. And long term memory is all about conscious mind.

Today we talk about the long term because it is helpful for us either in case of study or in any exam. It helps us to store information for a long time. In our mind, thousands of thoughts come in a day. If you learned it, you would be better at it.

how to learn faster
how to learn faster easily?

Why We Need it?

  • To save our time
  • To Crack any exam
  • To boost our growth
  • To attain good marks
  • Developing a new skill
  • Boost your knowledge
  • To make our mind sharp

So we see that there are lots of advantages. If you continue your learning, in future it will become a skill. To learn it you need to know about time management I already discussed in our previous article, you can read that.

Learning helps to make our mind more sharpen and strong. Our need for learning faster to remind the knowledge for a long time and it makes our mind sharp.

Pro Tip: Do not do all your study the night before. Instead spread it out, review class material several times a week and focus on one at a time.

Techniques to Learn Fast

By the way, there are some techniques to learn faster. Basically, there are four categories of subjects. The first category is understanding concepts. Subjects that’s need understanding.

The 2nd category is memorization, some subjects involve rote learning.

3rd one is languages either it is English, Hindi etc. and the last but not the least is Application-based subjects in which constant practice is required.

Let’s us know what are techniques that help you study, understand.

how to learn faster
how to learn faster

1. Understanding

As we know many subjects like Physics and economic which require a deep understanding to grasp their concepts. The trick which can use for this type of subjects to learn fast is Feynmann Technique.

Feynmann was a Nobel prize-winning physicist who, while studying in his university, discovered a technique was like simply take a notebook and write down the topics which you want to study.

Then simply read them and write it on plain paper in your own language which you easy to understand or in which you’re comfortable.

Then whatever you wrote on plain paper, the next step you take would be explaining out in words, whatever you have written on plain paper and moreover you write how to learn faster and increase your growth.

The next steps you take would be explaining us in words, then say it out loud ensure a better understanding as compared to when you think quietly in your mind.

Now you’d explain imagining a person in front of you. In fact, you should imagine a five-year-old child standing in front of you. Your understanding should be enough to make a 5-year-old child understand.

Reading and understanding is a skill that you can practice even outside the preview of studies. You can even practice it in daily life.

2. Memorization

This includes subjects like civics, history and biology etc. All the subjects are rote learning. Actually, In India, almost all subjects involve rote learning.

The 1st thing you need to understand in memory is that whatever our brains see or write. It can’t retain the written text very well. Now, what are the things that our brain can retain well?

1st is emotional things, the things that we are emotionally attached to, the things that make us angry or happy or scared. We can retain these things better.

2nd is the things that activate more than one of our senses. The more number of senses you activate, the better will be able to remember.

The involvement of senses can be done by imagination. There are some techniques for this one of the techniques is a memory palace.

Memory place is a trick which involves using real-life locations that you know of through which you create imaginary objects and create connections with the thing which you want to remember.

You can create a story about the places which you know very well. The story is of your choice it can be weird, funny or anything which you want to add.

3. Languages

Languages come from practice. It can be divided into four categories Reading, writing, listening and speaking. Language either be English, French, Hindi. It needs a lot of practice to learn it.

Communication is the for these types of subjects if you practice, you could easily do it. As we know Practice makes a man perfect.

Me also have practicing to write and learn for a better communicator. Duolingo is the best app for beginners.

4. Application Based Subjects

The last but not the least is application based subjects. It involve problem and question solving.

This type of subjects like Math or solving or reasoning question involve lots of practice to make comfortable for you.

Once you know the pattern then it is easy to solve question.

how to learn faster
how to learn fast

Ready-to-use Tips on How to Learn Faster

1. Full Awareness on Study

It is a simple and prime tip to learn faster because if you can’t have attention to your study then how you learn faster.

For example, if I am doing the subject of Physics and I am thinking about something during my study time.

So now I learn fast? or If I am studying with movie or Netflix. So obviously I can’t pay focus on two things. So Remove distractions study in the silent environment so that you give your full attention.

Pro Tip: Take short breaks in your study plan frequently. That your memory revise information which you have studied.

2. Take Enough Sleep

Sleeping is 10x important as we think so don’t ignore it. Especially if you want to learn and remember it for the long term. During sleep our brain revise what we learnt and making it long to term memory.

You must have a nap between study and test because what you learnt it convert into long term memory so that you easily remember it. Probable 7-8 hours of sleep is much important if you are a student.

3. Repeat

As Sandeep Maheswari said

“Intelligence comes form Repetition”.

Sandeep Maheswari

Repeating your study material in your mind helps us to learn faster and similarly it doesn’t so much time to convert long term memory.

For example: If you studied a topic today and you want to remember for long time than after 2 days you revise that topic again without procrastination.

As you have done the next step is again to pick that topic after one week. Similarly than after one month. So repetition helps to remember for a long time.

Got it! to you need become smart and intelligent while studying.

4. Roar what you Read

The step is like explaining out loud in words, whatever you have written down, say it out loud it has been scientifically proven that speaking loud ensures a better understanding as compared to when you talk quietly in your mind.

5. Learn from Multiple Sources

If you trying to learn any topic from one source it could be boring for you.

If you don’t understand the concept from there then try out other sources like Youtube video or another book to understand the concept of that topic.

It helps to gain more knowledge and increase the engagement with study.

Pro Tip: The best way to study is to focus for between 40-90 minute, then take a 10 min break where you can do some kind of exercise to fresh your mind.

6. Teach Others

Teaching is chief and popular to learn anything faster. It is like one arrow, two birds whatever teaching helps to convert your short term memory.

Your friend also get profit of it and your doubt also get cleared during teaching him.

And you will be aware of that topic. As we have seen teachers taught us without any material means without any book because their memory retains that topic. Have a lot of practice for it.

7. Make Connection to Learn

While we are studying we are in focused mode. Their are two modes one is focused and other is diffused mode.

In diffuse mode, you have to make connections between them so that while making a connection you should be in diffuse mode.

And In focused mode, you’re all concentration must be in a single topic. It is an easy way to make a connection and transform for long term memory.

8. Listen to Music

Learning fast is not all about studying 4-5 hours continuously, you need to give some rest to your brain so that it comes to the stable state.

For that their are many activities like listening music is the one of them.

Music helps us to stay focused and feel relaxed. Don’t listen to songs with lyrics because they try to distract us. So always listen to Instrument music.

It helps us to make our memory sharpen.

Pro Tip: Set clear goals. This will help to motivate you, as you’ll want to achieve the goals you set out for yourself.

9. Prepare Notes Yourself

Can you ever heard about maps? If yes, comment below how you make your notes by the help of mind maps.

Preparing notes important as we discussed in the Feynman Technique before. Simply read the topic two to three-time then write it your own words so that you easily understand the concepts.

When we make notes by ourself then information possesses in different ways in our mind. Speacially notes of that subject in which you are weak.

So, taking notes is so much important step to learn faster and remember for a longer time.

10. Test Yourself

There is no profit which you prepare or learn while you not test yourself. Testing tells us at which point you are doing mistake so that you avoid that in the exam.

And this can be discovered that testing yourself helps you to better in the exams. So that you got good marks. Keep testing yourself after completing any topic or chapter.

11. Something Interesting

For making learning easy, you make it interesting or fun. It will helps you to stay motivated.

Here are the few Ideas-

  • Use whiteboard
  • Reward yourself
  • Make mind maps by using the app
  • Drawing
  • Watching YouTube Videos (To learn new concepts)
  • Play Puzzle Games

Wrapping it up

Finally, we conclude that learning is an important skill and this comes from practice and practice. The tips which I provided you helps you lot to learn faster and boost your confidence. And I hope now you easily understand how to learn fast anything which you want.

So Queries Solved

  • How to learn faster
  • Best techniques to learn faster
  • Why we need it?
  • How this skill help us?
  • How to learn fast before the exam
  • How to learn fast in a short time

Q: Mains points to learn faster?

I recommend you to follow given points
1. Taking notes regularly.
2. Test yourself
3. Do Revision

Q: How to do Calculation fast?

In the case of calculation we need to lot of practice and if you spend 1 hour daily on calculation, you become master of it. And There are many videos available on YouTube to learn calculation faster.

Q: Can we learn everything before 1 day to exam?

It is not possible for anyone and if you do rote learning then follow the steps which I provide above. If you focus on important questions on that day I think that’s much better as compare to rote learning.

Q: How to learn faster for public exam?

For public exam, you can use Feynman Technique to learn faster because it helps a lot. Just Read 1st, then take plane paper and make your own notes and repeating the information in mind.
Learning skills comes from practice, as you do regularly then bond will become stronger.
10 Mind tricks to learn faster anything

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