How to Improve Yourself In Life In 19 Easy Steps

Hello, friends today we are with an awesome topic and that is how to improve yourself in life. Basically, we all want good things to happen in our life but it is not possible anymore because, without bad things, good things do not exist.

We have to go on that road to problems that we become some experienced person but here is one technique to do lesser the problems and that is to improve yourself.

As we start improving themselves there is a lesser chance of problems because you would have the ability to face that problem and you beat that problem very easily.

Not for only facing problem, In certain parts self-improvement help us a lot.

  • Maintain your discipline
  • Have a positive attitude in life
  • Have the courage of problem-solving
  • Stronger the decision-making power
  • Makes you happy

Why Self improvement is so hard?

It is not so hard as you think just we have to become disciplined and give importance to improve yourself. Basically, nothing is impossible until we do.

We need to do some effort and sacrifice and out of our comfort zone. As we know when we start newly we don’t have a habit of doing that work as we move further it becomes our habit and easy as before.

Why need to give some time so that it becomes our habit. One thing you must remember don’t delay your work and as you start improving yourself you have to make habit of it.

Now the point is what should we do to upgrade yourself so let’s get started on how to do improvement in our life. Here are some

Short steps to Improve Yourself (1-2 Months)

  1. Make a list of things you have to do the whole day.
  2. Make a list before sleeping at night.
  3. Don’t lie to yourself.
  4. Be punctual.
  5. Be focused when studying.
  6. The mind can concentrate for 40 minutes so that you should study for 40 minutes and take a rest and repeat it.
  7. Be disciplined.
  8. Learn how to manage time in different activities.
  9. Make your day productive as much as you can.
  10. Be patient for results.

Self-improvement steps by Sonu Sharma

Apply 10 tips for 1 month daily actively and you will see the results. You feel your energy level boosted up. You feel more productive than before. It is one easy way to improve yourself.

Sonu Sharma one of the great motivational speakers said: “A little improvement can change your life.” It is true only we need to change ourselves little and our result automatically becomes good.

According to him in our life big impact of our life based on

  1. Which type of people you spend the time with most.
  2. And the books you read.

Simply it is clear that we don’t need to take lots of effort into improving. Only we need to do two things or we make habits of two things.

We stay away from bad company and 2nd minimum you read a book for 30 min so that you learn something new daily.

As we know books are our best friend so the reading book is compulsory and the best way to learn something new and start a new journey.

Improvement of 10% Rule

As we heard about the 80 by 20 rule it was that our 20% effort gives 80% of our result or we can say only we do 20% work which accounts for 80% of the result. So put your top 20% effort and concentrate on yourself to give your best.

Now improving the 10% rule means starting from small. Give yourself time and make yourself strong. First focus on skills you need to learn which makes a better person and enhances your growth.

In other words, first focus on important things and what kind of improvement you need to do in yourself. As you planned something. Take the next step for that which is taking action towards it.

By this, step by step you will able to understand more. So, improve yourself in life.

How Self improvement is important?

  1. To get a better version of you
  2. Experience
  3. Skills

To get a better version of you it is very obvious that by improving yourself you get a better version of yours. It is true that an experienced person will able to do work well and good as compared to beginner Right?

As in your life, you don’t have experience of a bad time then how will you able to enjoy a good time.

Skills also important factors that make your road easy. Skills like disciplined life, ways to stop procrastinating helps you to improve yourself in life.

Basically, skills save you lots of time and you will extra time for yourself. At this time you do what you love.

how to improve yourself in life

Must Read:

Steps to Build Self Believe for Self Improvement

How can you improve yourself until you believe in yourself? Let me explain this to you like a story.
This story is about a boy living in a village named Kachu Tansen.

But when he used to sing a song, the children who were burning him would close their ears after listening to the song. From that day Kachu stops singing Tansen and he confesses that he is disharmonious, then he goes to his grandmother and his grandmother motives him.

Then he sings the song again and he no longer listens to anyone except themselves. He believes in himself and moves forward and when he succeeds, the people who are jealous of him also come to him and apologizes to him.
The moral is that as long as you have confidence in yourself, no power in the world can beat

1. Be positive as a proton

As you know Proton can never give up its positiveness. Same way, you should never give up your positive attitude.

Just a year when we face any problem, we start thinking negatively. We should remain positive at any station. As we all know that night comes after day and day after night.

In the same way, happiness will come after suffering. You just keep yourself positive and with a positive attitude you can solve any biggest problem to improve yourself in life.

2. Be more passionate

If you are doing some work and doing it with full interest then you will not even know when that
work will end. You will definitely get success inside it.

3. Handle your situations with care

You should have control over every situation, do not let any situation dominate you. There is no
need to ever enter such a situation. If you do this then you can keep your mind calm even in
difficult situations.

4. Share a little, care a little

You have to learn how you can be Compassionate and forgive others. It is a direct pass that there is no Mr. Perfect on this earth.

And we keep learning something new in our life. Because we humans are the effigy of mistakes, if there is any mistake done by anyone bigger or smaller, then forgive them.

This helps you a lot to improve yourself in life. If you do that then you can understand others much better.

5. Praise the one in front of you

If someone is good in a field, then appreciate it. And when you give the appreciation, positive vibes start coming in you.

In addition to those same positive vibes become your identity. And when you do this, then the same quality starts coming in you, which makes you a better person.

6. Communicate effectively

If you want to understand anyone, you must good at communication. It is that skill which makes
you confident because when you communicate with others you got the chance to know others and you learn lots of things more from them. So, learning this is important to improve yourself in life.

7. Be a fighter

Face the dangers and do not bow down in front of them. And when you face a problem, then
instead of the problem, challenge it.

Your brain has been accepting the challenge since childhood and when you take the problem as a challenge, there can be two successes and failures.

And the good thing is that you can learn from failure.

8. Possess the Quality of patience

When we make a decision in a hurry, then we get less profit and more loss. So when you take a
the decision, take a breath and think carefully

9. Learn the art of breathing

Learning this small art can reduce your physical, mental. emotional and stress levels to a great extent.
And you can enjoy a very happy life.

how to improve yourself in life

Wrapping it Up

Finally, friends, we conclude that by self-improvement we achieve anything in our life. It is very easy, only we need to do some effort. From this article, I hope you understand how to improve yourself in life especially in 2020. I hope that you follow the steps for your improvement. If you want to read more related to this scroll down. If you like this please comment below and share with your friends so that they also know about these amazing tips.

And One more thing, subscribe to our newsletter for instant notification of our latest blog. Thank you for reading and have a nice day.

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