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Good Habits and Bad Habits You Need to Know (23+)

Generally everyday life there are some good habits and bad habits we don’t know which habits become our addiction is especially bad habits

and some of us don’t beat it I know you are here because you want to know how we can beat bad habits.

Firstly talking about habits we should aware about which habits are good and which habits are bad for us.

We separately talk about good as well as bad habits because it is easy to understand one by one either it become very messy.

So let’s begin, let me know in the comment box which habits are you addicted the most? No doubt you are at good stage likewise all we have at least one bad habit.

Now talking about the first good habit we should follow and I give you some best of the best habits which you follow and for your life which makes your life better day by day.

good habits

Good Habits

1. Caring all the person you love.

Nowadays the caring is much important caring is one of the great and good habits especially when we talk about the person you love. It makes us happy if you don’t care, anyone, that you can’t expect from other people cares about you. Learn to care and make people happy.

2. Kind with others is a Gentleness

Be kind with others and help others who need it kindness come from helping makes us happier especially when help when we have an odd-man and women.

Treating people with friendly nature. It keeps our mind stable and we feel aware and freshly.

kindness is rooted in love. A kind person is usually love and Shown kindness in return by those around him or her.

Why it is important to be kind to the others

  • Remember it’s giving and take Rule.
  • Be remember for good and
  • People will connect you
  • It builds self-esteem and expels negativity
  • It speaks well of our upbringing
healthy diet good habit

Tasks For Kindness

  • Great people with respect and smile on your face
  • Help old age people
  • Make others smile
  • Do that which is possible for you to help others

3. Any Type of Expensive thing does not make us Happy but the smile does

Learn happiness does not come from buying expensive things, when you are happiness depends upon expensive things you can’t be happy any time.

Because when you got the thing you want then your next wish is to buy more things then you will be happy You make this reason.

So don’t make the weird reason for your happiness. Smile is more expensive than those things because Smile does not need anything. Remember real smile cannot be purchased or sold.

4. Cannot hate anyone too much

Hating someone is one of the bad habits, if you hate someone with any small reason it means you don’t have a big heart.

Hate for someone has a bad effect on our mindset. So forgive him if he apologize for it. Simply forgive and free your anxiety. Forget every pain got from others with just  a smile them.

5. Helping Others and Making them Smile

All we want to make other day better a smile can be magical.

 Power of smile

  • Smile to live longer
  • A smile makes you seem trustworthy
  • It makes you attractive
  • Smiling makes you more creative
  • Smiling lowers stress and anxiety
  • A smile is a universal language

6. Love to reading books and gaining knowledge

Furthermore, it is a very good habit which helps us to grow our mindset and enhance knowledge. There are different books stories novel, life novels, Romantic, adventure and horror etc.

In my view point you must read that book which help you to gain knowledge about your goals.

Because in a novel hundred plus people share their experience so you can easily learn from is one of the important to know about your goals so that you are aware of each and every step.

If you can’t readers so you can become good listener listen life podcast is which learn you something about your goals.

If you want to develop reading skills for all of your steps if you are beginner

1. The first step is to make habit of reading at least 15 minutes

2. Not difficult words and see the meaning from the Google

3. Choose easy language book in which you are comfortable

4. Highlight important lines so you can I repeat and focus on that

5. Read books daily with fun and enjoyment

7. Develop a positive Mindset

Stay away from negativity and develop positive Attitude which helps us to live our life in best ways.

To develop a positive mindset you practice to make environment of positivity and its help to stay motivated every time to be motivated you can watch a motivational video and listen to podcast whatever you like.

Spend 1 Hour in positivity so you become more positive and avoid mobile phone in the morning.

Do meditation to develop positive mindset and you can also do physical exercise to achieve that point.

You must have a positive attitude.

Here are the few points to achieve positive mindset are

1. Turn problem into opportunity

2. Take problem as a challenge

3. Start from the small

4. Do smart work

5. Be confident

That’s all about the good habits I hope you like every single have it which I shared you can make a list of these habits

To follow good habit we must know about bad habit so continue with it.

Bad Habits

So let’s discuss add habits in two ways one is related to our daily life and other is related to our goals.

1. Caring too much

Caring is important but too much caring no way. Avoid this shit habits because caring too much is also a problem. Set your caring limit. “As you start caring too much more ignorance you will get”.

Make a good attitude so you can not feel bad when this happened to you.

2. Never reveal your true feelings with everyone

Only share with that person you believe the most and the love of the most. Share with person who can understand your problem and feelings.

In present all are sharing the secrets and revealing their feeling to everyone so never do this.

3. Trust everyone

Doing trust on everyone is one of similar habit to all we face.

Limit your circle and trust only those who care about you.

4. Have no sense of fashion

Fashion is very popular in nowadays everyone loves also have a sense of fashion some people don’t have an idea of fashion and they wear anything.

Make your look simple and attractive.

Make your positive image and change yourself with time. Yes it is important doing something is good for us and out of our comfort zone.

5. Introvert in nature

Spend one hour in morning with nature because it make us or positive and productive.

We feel better, especially in the morning. In the morning your energy level is so high after done with nature you can do your most important work which is pending.

Dekha can’t success or they are full of laziness who don’t wake up early in the morning and can’t spend the first hour of the morning with positivity.

In addition you can exercise or work in the morning which is good for our health.

6. Think for everyone except myself

No doubt this habit which causes overthinking especially when you are thinking about everyone. This habit is quite important and we need to solve this problem. And it is not good for our mental health also.

Spend time with yourself and with your thoughts at least one day in a week so you can get an idea of what you want what you are doing don’t ignore yourself due to others.

So for your future and for your happiness you think about yourself.

7. Cannot wake up early

As you know this is very common habit all of us make habit of early wake up.

This is important who wants to succeed in their life fast because waking up early means you get more time and all you control and make do list for a day.

After making Todo list that your priority to do those tasks. This is much important so you can generate your willpower to do that work.

We all know the power of morning already so chill up and wake up early on first alarm you set.

8. Always trying to prove yourself

As we know the lion king of the jungle and he does not need to prove himself all time.

Prove yourself when it is important. Always believe in yourself and stay confident.

As Lion is the king of animals and all know. He is the king of animals but elephant and giraffe tallest animal in the jungle but the king is the lion.

So don’t try to prove yourself everywhere because you know that what you are and what you can do, live your life with happily.

There are more habits which affect our future and we still don’t aware of those habits. These habits making us very lazy.

overeating bad habit

1. Overeating

This habit is one of the common habit and we can’t aware about it.

Eating is ok but overeating is not ok because when we are eating all time our body cannot work properly and our body functions are busy in the digesting that food every time.

So I suggest you if you are eating dinner at 10 p.m. and so your breakfast must be 10:00 a.m. Hence that your body function also get some rest and it will become stronger after resting.

You can set fast of 10 to 12 hours in a day. Believe me it boost your productivity.

2. Lack of sunlight

It also plays a vital role in our daily life. Generally, we always sit in the artificial light in the home.

We can’t sit in the natural light as we know natural light means sunlight is also good for our body so at least 10 to 15 minutes every day you spend time with the natural light.

3. Sleeping late at the night

When we sleep late at night our natural system effects.

As we know sleeping is so much is important for our brain and also for our body.

When we sleep our body complete processes like body repair which is from 10 to 2 a.m. and the second one is psychogenic repair which is from 2 a.m. to 6 a.m.

So don’t break the bachelor rhythm of our life it is good for our health.

The ideal sleeping time is 10 p.m. to 6 p.m. and who can’t sleep 7 to 8 hours their mind does not work properly and they are feeling lazy every time. That’s why I sleep at the ideal time.

4. Loud music

How many of you like this?

Loud music is not good for our mind as well as for our health.

It damages our brain part so it can’t work properly. So then listen to music at normal volume and Avoid noisy places.

Keep your surrounding silent which is good for our mind.

5. Lack of exercise

Lack of exercise is the major problem of our youth. They don’t like to make an effort to do it.

If you are one of them then start doing exercise as you know it has lots of advantages.

If you are not doing you are IQ level also slow down.

And you face problem at the age of 30 which will be comes in 45. So exercise is is pleasant for our physical as well as for mental health.

6. Too much stress

Stress is very toxic for our health and our brain can’t work properly. Stress increase our blood pressure and also a supplier of blood in our body also become very fast which is not good for our health.

7. Too much or too little water

When you were taking only a little water it decreases our decision-making power and

too much water creates swelling in our mind. So the best point is drinking later water with a break is nice for our mental health and our physical health.

8. Multitasking

As we know our brain is not for the multitasking and it can give you best in only single work or project on at a time.

If we do multi-task our brain can’t concentrate at one point. And we can’t give the best of our brain. If we do one task at a time, our brain works fast and boost our productivity.


As we conclude that good habits and increases your productivity and bad habits down your growth.

Good habits and the bad habits have different causes and advantages.

Following this choose your habits wisely.

Comment which one you like the most. I hope you got all my points and if you have any query and any doubt you can DM me on Instagram.


Ques. 1 What are Good habits and bad habits in Covid-19 Time Period?

Ans. Good Habits are
1. We spend lots of time with our family.
2. Time to learn Good Skill
3. Time for our friends.

Bad Habits
1. People become very lazy in this time.
2. Waking late in the morning.
3. Nothing to do.

Ques. 2 Powerful habits for us?

Ans. The habits which makes us more productive that are powerful good habits that are
wake up early in the morning, sleeping early, learning new skills etc.


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